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Portrait Technique

When i'm creating my pet portraits I like to take development pictures so I can show how I create my work. Hopefully people find it interesting to see how artwork is created and the work that goes into it! 

Attention to Detail

I chose to use colour pencils because of the detail I am able to achieve, they allow me to create many layers giving a greater depth in colour and texture. My favourite part of any portrait is adding the fine details, I find this is when the portrait comes to life. A portrait is created using many different layers of colour pencil here can be 20 or more in some places to get the depth of colour and detail needed. Alongside using colours such as the reds, blues and purples to enhance the darker areas. 

I use a combination of different brands of pencil on one piece as each pencil has it's own attributes to enhance a portrait. Derwent Drawing pencils help to create very dark blacks, whereas Caran D'ache Pablo's are ideal for the really fine hair detail at the end.

Have a look at the following video showing how I put down the details.

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