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Portrait Commissions

How do I commission a portrait?

It's easy to get a commission done, there are just a few simple steps and i'm available to provide help and advice throughout the journey.

I do all my work from photographs so i'll need you to send me a picture of your chosen subject. Find one of your favourite photographs with a good clear image of what you want me to recreate, or if you're thinking of taking a photo of what you want then just take into account a few simple things:


- Lighting, make sure the subject is well lit otherwise the picture may come out too dark and some details can be missed. Natural, outdoor lighting is recommended, indoor lighting can mean the colouring looks different and less detail can be seen.


- Zoom and resolution, a close up picture of your subject is easier to recreate. Smartphones have cameras that can take great images and will allow me to zoom in to view the subject better. I want to be able to capture as much of the detail in the eyes and fur as possible!

- Focus, make sure the image is nice and clear so that all the detail can be picked up easily. It will ensure that I can capture all the texture and light and shade.


Then decide the size of the portrait you would like. I can work in various sizes in both portrait and landscape format. You can find paper sizing and pricing on the Pricing page. If a size is not on there, get in touch and we can go from there. I also offer smaller, 'pawtraits', a smaller option of your pet's paw for a unique and special portrait of your pet.

I can do commissions for anywhere in the world (there will be additional postage costs for shipping), and I will work with you to ensure you are happy with your commission. I will provide update shots throughout to show you progress allowing you to see your piece of art come to life and for you to feedback.  

Ready to commission a portrait?

Simply send me a message telling me about your commission and we can go from there!

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