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About Me

I have been sketching and painting since I could first pick up a pencil. My dad would bring home reams of printer paper from the office and I would scribble and draw until the paper ran out. Creating 'stories' and 'masterpieces' for anyone I could give them to.
My art is mostly self taught after studying through to A Level then doing Graphic Design at degree level. I began trying different styles and mediums depending on the subject and mood (and occasionally the wine!). Moving from highly detailed, fine art sketches through to 'throw it on the canvas', oil paintings using finger painting techniques and any other materials within my reach. I finally settled on colour pencils as they allow me to create portraits with great depth and detail. 
My first inspiration for wildlife and conservation was when I was 10. I saw a book of photographs in school, one of which was a photo of a giant herd of elephants. There were 100's together in this picture and the caption read similar to 'You'll never see this again'. And that has remained with me knowing elephants were vanishing from this earth. After my graphic Design degree I started studying Earth Sciences with a particular interest in mass extinctions.

My focus is on creating wildlife art that raises awareness of the issues facing our wildlife, both at home and across the world. I regularly donate pieces of work to raise funds for frontline conservation projects and support initiatives by conservation charities. 
I'm a member of the Association of Animal Artists and the UK Colour Pencil Society. I enter a number of events and awards throughout the year, so make sure you stay up to date with my website! 

I love to take my work into the garden and sketch with my lovely girls (8 chickens) wandering around. Occasionally they'll hop onto the table to check out what i'm doing.
If you're interested in commissioning your own special bespoke piece of art, whether a pet or wildlife portrait, just get in touch. 

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