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'An Elephant Never Forgets'.


When a Matriarch loses her tusks to poachers it's more than just the loss of one elephant. It's a loss for a calf left with no mother, it's the loss of a family member for the herd. It's a loss of knowledge to be passed down the generations to water, food and migration. It's a loss for the ecosystem too. An Elephant Never Forgets is a portrait of this loss and the deep hole it leaves for all.


An Elephant Never Forgets is drawn on Fabriano Black Black paper using lightfast colour pencils to create a portrait that will last a lifetime. The portrait is mounted and framed using Artglass to reduce reflection and to protect from UV light. 


Artwork comes complete with certificate of authenticity.

An Elephant Never Forgets Original

  • Shipping is arranged by courier and quoted and paid seperately depending on location.

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